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Project Updates: Galderma Laboratories, Phosphating Barrel/Rack Equipment Line, and Woodbridge Foam

June 01, 2020


Eastman Manufacturing Inc. is a premium manufacturer of industrial ovens and chemical equipment. Having served North American clients for nearly 30 years, we’ve managed to build a reputation for excellence in quality and customer service. If you visit our 20,000 sq ft Mississauga-based facility, you’ll find our team of professionals working on some of our latest projects.


We are always dedicated to ensuring our client’s needs are met when it comes to the design and fabrication of their industrial oven and chemical equipment. We are always ready and willing to take on the projects, regardless of size and scope. 


In today’s blog we’ll walk you through a few of our current projects and accomplishments.


Dual Batch Ovens for Galderma Laboratories 

In February of this year, we successfully completed a set of batch ovens for the Montreal-based pharmaceutical company, Galderma Laboratories. These dual batch ovens feature two-zone, four compartment units and are equipped with tight temperature tolerances and specifications. Communications have also been included in the customer’s building automation system (BAS). Each of these ovens were designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the requirements of ASTM E220-13 - The Standard Test Method for Calibration of Thermocouples by Comparison Techniques. 


Refurbishing Overhaul of Phosphating, Barrel/Rack Line of Equipment 


We are currently in the process of revamping and refurbishing our older phosphating, barrel/rack line of equipment. Once complete, this line will include two automated programmable hoists that both feature a 2000 lb load rating. Each hoist will contribute to the production of 10 barrels per hour. We will keep you posted with more information as we progress. 


Redesign and Modification of Industrial Ovens for Woodbridge Foam


As a means to combat against COVID-19, many Canadian businesses are banding together to produce vital medical supplies for our healthcare workers. The team at Woodbridge Foam are working with researchers at McMaster University’s Engineering and Medical Schools to produce ASTM level 3 face masks that are capable of filtering pathogens. Recently we revamped two of our industrial ovens for Woodbridge Foam that they use in the production of these masks.