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Process Tanks: What Industries Use Them and How They Benefit

Process Tanks: What Industries Use Them and How They Benefit

Process tanks serve multiple purposes like processing, storing, mixing and transporting chemicals, raw materials, hazardous liquid waste, etc. In simple words, they are used to mix, heat, and cool substances in a controlled environment. Their multiple applications make process tanks a necessity across many industries. In this blog post, we will discuss the various industries that use process tanks, and how they benefit from them.

Industries That Benefit From Process Tanks

Pharmaceutical industry:

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the major users of process tanks. The process tanks in this industry are used for a variety of purposes like storing, mixing and transporting chemicals and raw materials. They are also used to process and store hazardous liquid waste.

Food and beverage industry:

The food and beverage industry is heavily reliant on process tanks. They use these tanks to store liquid food and prevent them from being stale. The food and beverage industry also uses tanks to mix two liquid raw materials and process them.

Sugar mills:

Sugar mills require massive storage and processing equipment. These mills use storage tanks to collect the juice extracted from sugarcane and preserve them until purification and crystallization. 


Breweries require huge, leakproof and airtight containers for fermentation. This is where process tanks come into the picture. Breweries use these tanks to store their liquor and seal them away for a long time until the fermentation is completed. 
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