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Process Tanks: Specifications and Materials for Construction

Process Tanks: Specifications and Materials for Construction

Process tanks are industrial containers that are built in many ways, depending on the specific application they are meant for. They come in various orientation, placement, and wall configuration designs. In terms of use, the tank is very versatile and can be utilized for both short term and long term storage, as well as blending, mixing, dispensing, and metering. The most common industries that feature applications for the tank include chemical processing, food and beverage, cosmetics, paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, oil and fuel processing, in addition to energy and power generation.

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Product Details

When it comes to their specific make-up, the two most important factors to consider are dimensions and capacity. Capacity simply refers to the internal volume that is capable of storing material. In terms of orientation, a process tank can either be horizontal or vertical. The horizontal ones are usually mounted on stands with access points from the top or bottom. Vertical tanks stand in a vertical position and can be accessed from the bottom portion. 

There are also portable versions of these tanks that can be transported from one location to another on their wheels or via cart. Surrounding the overall construction, the tanks are made with various materials. These include the following:

  1. Fibreglass reinforced polyester: a very sturdy material that offers corrosion resistant properties, and can be formed into any shape prior to being cured.

  2. Galvanized steel: this material is cold rolled steel that is treated with zinc.

  3. Titanium: a very lightweight yet very strong metal that is used in applications that experience high temperatures and stresses.

  4. Steel: steel has plenty of outstanding physical properties, depending on specific grade composition. 

Lastly, process tanks with special linings are made from select materials for corrosive procedures and others of a similar nature. If you have this kind of application, contact Eastman Manufacturing Inc. today for more information.