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Process Tank Applications 101

Process Tank Applications 101

Process tanks are large industrial containers that take on a range of manufacturing applications such as dispensing, blending, mixing, and cleaning. These tanks can also act as a container for both short and long-term storage. The application of the tank will largely depend on the container lining, orientation, capacity, dimension, wall configuration, and overall placement.


Today we’ll go in depth with regard to what physical factors help determine various process tank applications.


Tank Orientation

·         Tank orientation can either be horizontal or vertical

·         Horizontal units are typically mounted on saddles or stands and are equipped with access ports on the top and bottom

·         Vertical units stand up straight with access ports located on the bottom


Tank Size

·         Variance in tank size determine specificity of application

·         Larger capacity storage needs will require a larger tank size

·         Tank dimensions will vary based on capacity need


Tank Wall Construction

·         Wall construction will also affect tank application

·         Applications that have higher pressure needs will require a double-wall tank

·         Applications with lower pressure needs can get away with single-wall tanks


Tank Placement

·         Tanks can be placed either under or above ground depending on your facility’s structure

·         Portable tanks are also a great option for maximizing space


Tank Lining Material


The type of material that lines the tank unit is also determinative of the application the tank will be used for. There are three main tank linings that are used for specific applications:



·         Steel lined-tanks offer a variety of physical properties that are great for resisting against corrosion

·         Tank construction incorporates rolled sheet steel – other lining variations include stainless and galvanized steel

·         Surfaces can be treated with zinc for further protection


Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP)

·         FRP linings are extremely light-weight, and like steel are also corrosion resistant

·         FRP linings are made up of glass fibers embedded in resin – which can be formed into different shapes


·         Titanium linings are lightweight and durable

·         Titanium lined units are preferred for reactions that are high-temperature and experience high levels of stress



The Eastman Manufacturing Difference


Eastman is a proud manufacturer of process tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes that are meant to meet the unique needs of your organization. We are fully capable of providing you with conventional or custom tank units meant to stand the test of time.

For all your processing and heating production needs give Eastman Manufacturing a call – we’d love to assist you!