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Paint Finishing Equipment

Paint Finishing Equipment

Applying a finish to your paint job provides ample protection against various chemical or environmental substances. Manually applying a finish is not as accurate or as efficient as using paint finishing equipment. Since there are various types of equipment on the market, it can get quite confusing. To keep things simple, here’s an overview of the various types of equipment.


Spray Guns

Spray guns are the most common form of applying finishes. The spray system is composed of an air compressor, a pressurized paint container, and a nozzle. The spray gun paints an even coat in a perfectly uniform manner. Since this method is the most common, there have been numerous iterations that have been created over the years. The airless paint sprayer works slightly different compared to a regular air spray gun. Rather than using an air compressor, the airless spray relies on internal pressure which prevents over spraying.



E-Coating, also known as electro-coating, is a highly advanced and technological process. This process was created in order to prevent corrosion on steel objects. The coating materials are dispersed in water and held together in a bath. Objects that are to be coated are submerged in the bath which is then surged by an electrical current. This method is effective since it guarantees that the submerged object is completely coated. This means that even the most complex shapes can be completely coated.


Powder Coating

This paint finishing equipment applies the coating in a form of dry powder. The coating is applied electrostatically and then baked under high temperatures. The biggest advantage of this method is extreme durability. Powder coating provides a finish that is substantially harder than conventional paint. Objects that experience vigorous and frequent activity benefit the most from powder coating.


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