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Paint Finishing Equipment From Eastman Manufacturing

Industrial-grade paint-finishing equipment from Eastman Manufacturing Inc. in Mississauga, ON

Visual appeal is a crucial aspect of products ranging from electronics and automobiles to furniture and kitchen appliances. Manufacturing businesses know the importance of investing in painting equipment that offers flawless finishing and adds a magical touch to their products. Eastman Manufacturing Inc. in Mississauga, ON, is a leading supplier of paint-finishing equipment in Ontario and Canada. If you are searching for the best paint-finishing tools and equipment, look no further. We list in this blog the different types of paint-finishing equipment we supply to our clients. Read this blog until the end to make an informed decision.


5 Paint Finishing Equipment From Eastman Manufacturing Powder Coating Lines


Powder Coating

This is one of the most popular painting methods used by those in the manufacturing, automotive, and electronics industries. Our sophisticated powder coating lines are designed to offer a flawless finish to your products. Powder coating is based on a polymer resin system. In this method, paint is applied in powder/dry form as opposed to liquid. It is applied electrostatically, thus ensuring longevity. Powder coating is then cured under heat or ultraviolet. 

Drying Systems

As the name suggests, this system is used to dry paints rather quickly. Paint can be smudged and become visually unappealing if not dried properly. Our drying system ensures quick and efficient drying times, allowing you to move on to the next step in record time without compromising quality.

E-Coat Equipment

Electronic coating equipment is in high demand owing to its efficiency. Our electronic coating equipment ensures advanced coating that provides even coverage in difficult-to-reach parts of your products. Our E-coat equipment involves an immersion technique that makes the surface of products naturally smooth. 

Anodizing Solutions

Anodizing is an effective painting method for aluminum products. It is an electrochemical process in which a layer of aluminum oxide is added to aluminum products. For those in need of high-quality anodizing solutions, look no further than Eastman Manufacturing. The colour stability, ease of maintenance, affordability, and durability make our anodizing solutions highly sought after. 

Plating Equipment

Looking for dependable electroplating equipment? Look no further than Eastman Manufacturing. We supply sophisticated electroplating equipment to our clients across Canada at the best rates. With our paint finishing equipment, you can breathe new life into your products and make them irresistible to your customers.
Eastman Manufacturing offers a comprehensive range of top-notch paint-finishing equipment to meet the unique needs of various industries. From powder coating lines to plating equipment, our solutions are designed to deliver high-quality finishes efficiently and effectively. We also supply top-notch heat-treating equipment and industrial ovens at competitive rates. Contact us today to get a free quote.