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Our E-Coat Equipment is the Superior Paint Coating Method

Our E-Coat Equipment is the Superior Paint Coating Method

 Why our E-Coat Equipment is the Superior Paint Coating Method

When looking for a superior and more durable coating for your metal surfaces, e-coating is recommended. It offers an even, fine and corrosion resistant finish, especially when professional done. Operating on the electro-deposition principle, e-coating allows for the creating of excellent metal coating solutions for pre-treatments, ancillary equipment, post-rinses and baked ovens. To achieve the latter, the use of specialist e-coat equipment is highly recommended as it ensures that the coated surfaces remain highly resistant to wear and tear during their normal use. For more durability, the coating can be done through either the electrode or cathode leading to a fine or slightly rugged surfaces.  

As a superior coating technique, e-coating allows for the coating material to ventrally penetrate the cavities in each part. For a more appealing, superior and better quality finish, a thorough coating should be initiated using more durable and wear-resistant coats. When finely executed, e-coat equipment ensure that you deliver an excellent coat at all times. It also ensures that the coat is not easily worn-out during the normal course of life. Compared to most other techniques, with the e-coat being uniformly spread on the surface, there is a limited marginal increase in the dimensions of the surface caused by the coating.

Eastman manufacturing is home to numerous coating and metal annealing technique. We have state-of-the-art equipment which we always employ in our projects. We also have the finest coats for every project, making our techy surface coats among the most trusted in North America. For the shiniest e-coating solutions, we employ advanced indexing solutions when creating our finishes. This integrated with the use of advanced e-coat equipment makes us a one-stop shop that will never fail you. As a premier service provider in the industry, our technicians are equipped with the best skills for working through your coating needs. Despite our e-coating solutions yielding an excellent coat, they are also highly cost effective.