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Maximizing the Thermal Performance of Batch Ovens

Maximizing the Thermal Performance of Batch Ovens

 Batch ovens are a staple of many an industry. Aeronautical, motorsport, chemical processing, food, plastic, the list is virtually endless. Batch ovens, like most other industrial ovens, are used to heat treat unfinished products. How a batch oven (may) differ from any other industrial oven is that it designed to heat batches of material.


Batch ovens are a significant part of the production process and ensuring their thermal effectiveness and efficiency requires an expert industrial oven builder.

Ovens in industrial use are highly customized pieces of equipment that constitute a significant proportion of the business’s energy costs. Batch ovens are also highly tailored pieces of equipment, suited to the unique shape and size requirements of the material that is to be heat treated. They must accommodate different heating requirements and ensure easy loading and unloading access, all without compromising thermal efficiency and performance.


Can two batch ovens be alike? Sure, but given the degree to which they are specified by customers, it is unlikely. Batch ovens can be small enough to accept only a tray or so of a few molds and large enough to house wing sections of airplanes. Invariably, the oven tray must be custom designed for the intended shapes and material sought to be thermally treated.


Batch oven design is therefore crucial to ensuring optimal performance. Batch ovens are considered inherently inefficient simply by reason they must opened to introduce raw material and extract the finished item. The door seals too are a source of heat loss and a good batch oven designer will try and minimize these losses.


Not limited just to batch ovens, but the possibility of uneven heating is one to be looked out for. Uneven heating can ruin production runs, and will cause much consternation for the production line manager. Which is why batch ovens are teamed with custom oven trays suited specifically to your production requirements. Not only do these help in getting a more consistent final product, they can help with faster loading and unloading of the oven – increasing production rates and lowering operating costs.


Our expertise and custom oven building makes Eastman Manufacturing North America’s premier industrial oven manufacturer and chemical equipment fabricator.


As a custom industrial oven manufacturer, we provide our clients with a dedicated design, engineering and installation team engaged to deliver exactly what they want and need, ensuring the best possible chance of a thermally efficient installation.