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Materials That Process Tanks Are Made Of

June 25, 2018

Process tanks can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes depending on its specific application. In fact, there are many industrial uses for process tanks. At Eastman Manufacturing, we can customize your process tanks based on your own specifications. The process tanks that we manufacture can be built from something as small as a 12" square all the way to a 15-meter-long tank.


What Materials Are Used to Build Process Tanks?


Process tanks can be used for process and bulk storage and even plays a significant part in an electroplating system. When it comes to processing applications, we can provide you with well-designed process tanks.

Here are some materials used in the manufacturing of process tanks:

·         Fibre-Reinforced Plastic - Known as FRP, this material can be cured and formed into almost all sorts of shapes. The process of curing makes it lightweight and resistant to corrosion. It is also used with plastic in order to provide material for the tank's body.

·         Galvanized Steel - This is cold-rolled steel where a layer of zinc is used to treat its surface.

·         Steel – As a ferrous-based metal with many different physical properties, it can benefit structural works. For process tanks, we normally use rolled sheet steel.

·         Stainless Steel - This is an outstanding type of metal alloy that has anti-corrosion properties.

·         Titanium – Although it’s lightweight, titanium is extremely strong due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures as well as various types of stresses.

Process tanks have special linings. These linings are typically made from materials that resist corrosion. Other types of storage and process tanks are glass lined or have special coatings for the same purpose of preventing corrosion.

Process tanks are heat treated based on your specifications. From convection and batch ovens to industrial tanks, we customize and manufacture a variety of products. For process tanks, the most important thing to consider are the dimensions, the capacity, and the orientation of the tank. So, contact us today and get started on getting custom industrial and chemical equipment made for your business!