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Industries That Need Top Quality Process Tanks

April 29, 2021

When it comes to chemical treatment and processing, process tanks play a considerable role. Without them, it won't be easy to store, mix, blend, meter, and dispense liquids crucial for manufacturing or processing operations.


Here are four industries that will always need their process tanks to be in good operating condition.

Chemical Processing

Volatile and toxic chemicals require a non-reactive storage area that allows manufacturers to process them safely. Process tanks can use titanium walls to withstand extreme temperature levels or possible chemical stresses. Therefore, any compromise to these tanks can produce undesirable results and mess with the longevity of your tanks or with your logistics.


Plastic Production

Process tanks play a significant role in recycling and producing plastics. They are often used as a massive vat to store melted plastic materials at a specific temperature before they are ready for processing. In doing so, tanks help streamline and improve the manufacturer's existing operations with predictable and precise results. 


Pulp-to-Paper Processing

Similar to plastic processing, turning wood pulp into paper requires specialized chemical treatment processes. Paper manufacturers use tanks to store pulp preparation and reinforcement chemicals. In most cases, they need tanks for extensive treatments that require dilution days before proceeding to the next step.


Oil and Fuel Treatment

Petroleum companies are the most significant users of titanium and steel tanks. In doing so, they can employ their purifying processes without any risk of possible high-heat accidents. Oil and fuel are highly volatile products, and a well-made tank will be successful at processing these substances and reducing all possibility of contamination during this time. 


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