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Industrial Oven Types

Industrial Oven Types

An industrial oven is a heated chamber that is used for a number of industrial applications, including curing, baking and drying. They are viable for both small and large volume applications, and work continuously or in batches with a conveyor line. Industrial ovens have found their way into a number of applications including food production, chemical processing, the electronics industry, etc. They come in a range of temperature accommodation capacities, sizes and configurations.

The common industrial oven systems in the market include curing ovens, drying tools, baking ovens, reflow ovens, batch, continuous and conveyor ovens. Curing ovens are designed to induce a chemical reaction in substances once they reach a certain temperature range. The perfect example of a curing oven is a powder coating machine.

A drying industrial oven is designed to remove moisture from substances. It is critical for applications that necessitate pre-treatment or removal of water be done before another application is undertaken. These ovens are also referred to as kilns, although they don’t actually hit the same high temperatures that ceramic kilns do. Baking ovens combine both the functions of a drying oven and a curing oven.

A reflow industrial oven is used to surface, mount, or reflow mounted electronic components on a printed circuit board. They contain multiple zones in such a way that their temperature can be individually controlled. They normally have several heating zones, followed by one or more cooling zones. They work in a structured way, where the printed circuit board moves through the oven on a conveyor belt. It is subjected to a time controlled temperature profile.

A batch industrial oven is also known as a cabinet oven. It allows for drying, baking and curing of small batches, by the use of trucks, carts and wheeled racks. Eastman manufacturing is a renown dealer in all types of industrial ovens supply for the Canadian market