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Industrial Oven Configuration And Airflow

Industrial Oven Configuration And Airflow


The common term used to refer to a chamber that is utilized for a range of various heat treatment processes is an industrial oven. While it is usually operated at extremely elevated temperatures, it is used for both small and large volumes of applications. There is the option of purchasing  readily-made ovens but if your operations require the use of a custom industrial oven, you can specify your requirements for the manufacturer to create them for you.


There are two major configurations of these heavy-duty ovens: continuous and batch ovens.  



For mass production operations, a continuous industrial oven is more suitable over a batch type. This is primarily because of the fact that they can offer more consistent heating conditions and environments. Moreover, they also have a separate chamber for heating and cooling purposes, allowing for a quick process.


On the other hand, a batch oven works by heating batches of parts that have to go through the same heat treatment process at varying times. This type of industrial oven is a better option if your parts need to be heated and changed in different batches. In between each batch, carts or racks are used to help in switching batches of parts that are to be heated. 


However, regardless of the type of custom industrial oven you need, every equipment needs air that flows adequately from the supply chamber to the return duct. Depending on your particular oven type, the pattern of airflow varies and it comes in a number of options. There is a vertical/horizontal pattern that occurs when the supply of air comes from the side of the oven while the return duct is located on the ceiling of the heating equipment. This pattern is usually used for bigger parts to be heated. 


Conversely, if the parts are small, the pattern of airflow is vertical/bottom-up or top-down. Either way, the airflow pattern is specially designed in a way that there is a very minimal obstruction to the flow of air inside the heating chamber. 


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