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Important Considerations When Buying a Curing Oven

If your application requires a paint finishing equipment, industrial ovens first come to mind. They are heated chambers used for various industrial applications. These include baking, curing, drying parts or final products. They can be used both for large and small volume production which can be done continually or by batches, for over a wide range of sizes, temperature and configurations. This paint finishing equipment comes in different types, choosing one depends on your specific use. Among the different variations, curing ovens are the most widely used in many manufacturing plants.

While there are differing viewpoints about curing oven, its main goal is to cure coatings on parts or some kind of adhesive.

It does so by creating a chemical reaction once a certain temperature is reached. Curing, chemically speaking, means a process of increasing the strength and durability of a substance. In other words, it refers to a process of finishing a product by physical or chemical means. This is why a curing oven is the commonly used paint finishing equipment in most manufacturing processes. Same with other industrial ovens, buying a curing oven involves careful considerations of the equipment and the services offered by the supplier.  

Here Are the Key Factors To Consider When Buying a Machine For Successful Curing

Electrical Certifications & Capacities

This is very crucial particularly if you’re opting for an electric heated oven. Make sure that the manufacturer has the appropriate certifications indicating their electrical capabilities. It’s best if they also design and program electrical systems in-house to prevent delays in any troubleshooting later on.


Factory Testing

A factory acceptance testing service is vital for you to ensure that the product is not defective. The product will be run first it will be delivered to you.


After-Sale Support

After sales service is very important for any kinds of paint finishing equipment. Buying a curing oven does not end at paying the price. It is more crucial if the manufacturer has the staff to install it on your own facility and provide proper maintenance program.