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How to Wisely Choose Your Heat Treating Equipment

How to Wisely Choose Your Heat Treating Equipment

Efficient and reliable heat treating equipment is crucial for a business that conducts various thermal processing operations. Examples of this type of equipment include burners, furnaces and industrial ovens.  

Choosing the right heat treating equipment will vary according to the industry you are in, your business needs and applications.

We have provided the helpful guide below to give you a clearer idea of the different types of heat treating equipment available, their operations, and what is most commonly used:

Oven Furnaces - Industrial ovens are extensively used in many industries. Ovens are built to accommodate specific functionality and requirements. Oven furnaces are capable of producing high temperatures to heat carbon steel, solid iron, and other metals. They are used to create goods such as jewelry, ceramics and pottery. They can also be found in the mining sector.

Salt Bath Furnaces - Salt bath heat treating equipment are commonly used for commercial and domestic purposes. Using high-temperature salt baths, they create an oxygen-free heating process for steel. You will commonly find a salt bath furnace in a machine shop, factory, and in manufacturing plants.

Melting Furnaces - These rectangular shaped furnaces are commonly used for melting salt to be used for tempering and quenching. Melting furnaces are heat treating equipment that can be used for a number of applications.

When choosing the most appropriate heat treating equipment for your manufacturing plant or industrial firm, trust an experienced team to recommend the best machinery for you. Eastman Manufacturing has been a leading industrial equipment provider since 1972. We are committed to our client’s satisfaction and strive to customize their piece of equipment to meet business needs. We offer:

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