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How Is The Air Heated In An Industrial Convection Oven

February 21, 2023

Industrial ovens are essential pieces of equipment in the manufacturing and the foodservice industries. They are used to bake, dry, cure, or heat various materials for a variety of purposes. But how does all this happen? The truth is, industrial convection ovens use an array of heating elements and fans to work their magic. In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at convection ovens and discuss how they heat the air inside them to get the job done.


How Does an Industrial Convection Oven Work?


A convection oven is a type of oven that uses forced hot air to circulate around food, cook it evenly, and stop it from drying out. They’re different from traditional ovens where the heat just emanates from the bottom and cooks food from the bottom up. But how do they produce hot air? These ovens have either an internal or external fan that helps circulate the air and distribute the heat more evenly. The air in a convection oven is heated by coils or burners at the top and bottom of the oven. When you set the temperature, these coils or burners will turn on and heat up to that temperature.
The circulating hot air in a convection oven allows food to cook more evenly than in a traditional oven because there are no cold spots. It also cooks food faster because the circulating hot air carries away moisture from the surface of food, which means less evaporation and less cooking time. Depending on the application, one can purchase or custom order ovens that are capable of producing the required level of heat just like gas-fired ovens.
With their ease of use, low energy consumption and excellent results, it’s no wonder why industrial convection ovens have become so popular in commercial kitchens all over the world! Thanks to our quality products and services, we boast a bunch of satisfied clients and you could be one too! Talk to us today!