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How Convection Works for Industrial Products

February 06, 2017

 An industrial convention oven works on the principle that hot air is lighter than cold air. This allows for the heating of contents in the oven by circulating a current of either natural air or other resources throughout the oven. For effective heating, the contents should be placed along the heating cavity where uniform and constant heating can be done. Typically, the industrial application of this type of oven lies in metal annealing aimed at strengthening them while stress on the other parts. They are also commonly used in drying paints and curing metallic surfaces.

When blown through a surface, hot air causes a heating effect which in turn leads to uniform heating around all the surfaces. For more uniform heating, fans might be fitted on the oven to ensure that only the hot air reaches the surfaces being heated. With air being able to penetrate through all the parts including the nooks and crannies associated with the metallic surface, uniform heating becomes possible. However this might be true, more uniform surfaces get more uniform heating than those with irregular shapes. Compared to most others ovens, the industrial conventional oven is best placed when it comes to ensuring uniformity of heating at temperatures between 300 to 1000F.

Despite the high efficiency associated with industrial conventional ovens, it should be noted that regular modulation of the gas flow and direction is important. This ensures that all the surfaces within the reach of the gas are successfully heated with a somewhat uniform temperature. It is also important to note that the heated surfaces further heat the air as they absorb more heat from the hotter surrounding air. This further propels the air molecules towards the colder lower surfaces leading to a continuous air flow. For the best designed conventional ovens that are efficient and easy to manage, reaching out to a professional manufacturer such as Eastman Manufacturers is recommended.