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How Continuous Ovens Work

March 28, 2017

 Most industrial processes require advanced annealing techniques when it comes to the production of thermal cured outfits. Caking coatings on moulded surfaces is at times a critical concern that manufacturers have to work around. Instances requiring continuous heating require specialty thermal-curing equipment called continuous ovens. The specialty ovens operate by processing items on a conveyor. For more effective solutions, continuous ovens are built around a combination of several heat transfer technologies.

For more productive solutions, continuous heating solutions aim at enhancing heat distribution across the items being cured. This is done by placing the items on a mineral wool batt placed over a heavy gauge aluminized steel gauge. This ensures a more uniform temperature between the metal surface and the air within the spaces. The conveyor belt on the other hand allows for continuous curing of the items as they pass through the belt. In case the items require more processing, longer conveyor belts for curing them is required. The continuous ovens thereby offer an excellent way of handling the caked-on coating needs for a wide array of applications.

Most continuous ovens have a jet of vertical and horizontal air pumped across the items being cured. This ensures that the items receive uniform temperature by ensuring that the interior parts of the oven are uniformly heated. With the temperature control in the oven being easily controlled, extremely consistent results that can be replicated can be easily achieved. For advanced industrial curing, infrared systems may be incorporated in the conveyor belt for heating and monitoring the movement of the items along the belt.

While continuous ovens have a wide array of applications, they play a crucial part when it comes to the sterilization of industrial equipment. Heat curing further ensures protection of the treated surfaces against rust. As an art, Eastman aims at delivering exceptional services solutions that meet and exceed your needs at all times. Call us today, and see the difference!