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How a Conveyor Oven Works

How a Conveyor Oven Works

There are many advantages of conveyor ovens over other types of industrial ovens, chief of those being ease of use. Operators just have to set the speed of the conveyor and the temperature of the oven, and then place the items, materials, or products that have to be processed or heated on the input end of the conveyor belt that leads towards the working chamber. The items will go through the oven, and at the other end of the conveyor belt, workers can receive heated or baked items.


On top of that, conveyor ovens are also more reliable and consistent. With the correct set-up, overheating products is almost impossible.

In terms of belt setup, conveyor ovens are differentiated by the length of their belts, typically ranging from 31 to 80 inches. The smaller units are ideal for lower-volume production while the bigger units with a belt length of 40 to 50 inches are great for higher volume production. For extremely high volume production, there are conveyor between 78 to 80 inches long. 

Another factor that makes a difference in the functions of conveyor ovens is the width of the belt. The most common width of a conveyor belt is 16 inches but there are some units that can be more than 30 inches wide. Obviously, the wider the belt, the wider the items that can be accommodated by the oven, meaning wider belts are great for processing a higher number of products at one time. 

The final factor that plays a role is the height of the opening of the oven where the product enters the heating chamber. Smaller openings are a more efficient option as they are able to help keep a greater amount of hot air inside the chamber. However, they tend to limit the width of the products that the oven can process. The opposite is true for units with a bigger opening.


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