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Heat Treating Equipment: Eastman Manufacturing

Heat Treating Equipment: Eastman Manufacturing

There are many ways of heating components or items, and the right manufacturer can provide the essential heat treating equipment to assemble or produce at any scale. Many enterprises still prefer the use of industrial convection ovens, for example, which is perfect for large-scale heating processes and other purposes. This type of oven works with a hot steam jet blowing through the heating panel. This results in a rapid heating of the contents while enhancing the operational efficiency of the oven. Apart from heating, an industrial convection oven can also be used in baking, broiling, roasting, drying, and curing components. 


The right complement of heat treating equipment can also offer easy temperature control and management.


These ovens are very beneficial for businesses due to several reasons. They have high heat dissipation which means that the ovens will produce more heat at a reduced scale of operation. They are known to provide superior heating temperatures compared to other types of ovens.


This can be done with facilities that optimize use with minimal temperature operational control. A convection oven has a more powerful motor designed for heavy-duty use that could go up to about 1900 watts, which makes it functional for long hours without worrying about overheating. An industrial convection oven even comes with an advanced airflow technology for better air circulation inside the unit and modern monitoring controls.  


Other unique features allow the industrial convection oven to carry out any task properly. In order to optimally benefit from its use, always ensure that you have chosen the right unit and heat treating equipment needed for the job. As a custom oven and equipment manufacturer, Eastman Manufacturing will work closely with you to design and make the perfect set of tools and equipment to meet any requirements. Our dedicated team of designers, engineers, and technicians can take on any manufacturing process in-house, eliminating the need for outsourcing components. This enables us to have total control over the quality of our products. We have the tools and expertise to help your enterprise increase productivity and efficiency in operations.