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Heat Treating Equipment, and its Importance to Your Production

Heat Treating Equipment, and its Importance to Your Production

Reliable heat treating equipment is an incredibly important component for businesses that undergo thermal processing operations. These processes are used to alter the physical and chemical structures of metal components through the use of varying temperatures. The result of the process is a metal component with noticeably increased strength and durability. Our heat treating equipment at Eastman is designed with high precision to achieve functionality and exact specifications.


Heat Treating Equipment, Including Ovens, Furnaces, and Burners, Can Be Used For Several Applications:

  • Stress relieving - Careful manipulation of a metal product’s temperature can reduce stresses endured throughout the manufacturing process, especially those caused by the welding process.
  • Normalizing - Typically, the heat treatment process is best performed in uniformity. The normalization process works to even out the grains used to treat a metal, providing it with a consistent and increased level of strength and durability.
  • Tempering - The process of tempering is a fairly straightforward one, during which a metal is heated in such a way as to make the end product less brittle; after all, a highly brittle metal is not one that will be seeing too much practical use. A careful increase in temperature is typically all that is required to temper the metal to a more manageable state.
  • Annealing - This process works to eradicate residual stress from the treatment process by cooling heated metal slowly enough to refine the grains and increase its durability. 


In metalworking, heat treating equipment has a lot to offer. The ability to manipulate the physical and chemical properties of metal products is crucial to a great many manufacturing industries, which is why we only provide the best equipment available for our customers. If either heat treatment or metalworking are an aspect of your business, feel free to contact us today, and learn more!