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Gas Fired Ovens Vs. Wood Fire Ovens- Which Oven is better?

July 19, 2016

Over time, people are developing new technologies and innovating the old ones to create a more convenient approach that doesn’t risk quality. However, some things stay as they are because they provide optimal quality for processing and production. One of the best examples are ovens.

There are many types of oven today but you have to give credit to these two classic one – gas fired and wood fired. With most devices being automated today and very hi-tech, these ovens are still used by many. If you are planning to buy one, you have to decide which would be suitable through their differences.



Ovens that use firewood can be a challenge especially if you don’t have a reliable course for the supply of wood. That is why, before you choose this one, make sure that you address that limiting issue first. And you have to remember that the wood used is not any kind of wood. You have to get the best quality because it will affect the operation of the wood fired oven.

 On the other hand, gas fired ovens’ gas supply are more convenient to handle. Natural gas is always available and can be processed through the machine more easily.



Gas fired ovens have greater advantages when it comes to operation. A cook won’t need help in maintaining the heat because he simply has to alter the ovens heat control to reduce or heighten the temp. On the contrary, wood fire ovens need a separate operator for the loading of consistent quality of wood which is highly laborious. It must be done every 15 minutes to ensure that the heat of the oven remains constant. This means that the work of the cook will be disturbed every now and then.



The ventilation of a wood fired oven is differently setup compared to that of a gas fired oven. That is why maintenance of the whole oven won’t be the same time. The wood fired oven’s ventilation must be cleaned regularly because the exhaust of the firewood can bring ashes that will remain stuck if not taken manually.

Gas fired ovens, on the other hand, can be fully checked all at once. You can schedule a cleaning day for the ovens. It doesn’t have to be often as long as the oven is working just fine. However, if you notice peculiar operations while using it, you have to check it immediately to avoid further damages.