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Gas Fired Ovens: Its Significant Contribution to the Fundamentals of Process Heating

December 19, 2018

Process heating provides heat which helps in producing daily commodities and industrial products. It is very fundamental in the manufacture of steel, cement, textiles, cosmetics, electronic devices and chips. The US Department of Energy reported that it is responsible for employing about 16 million people and accounts for 36% of the total energy consumption in the manufacturing industry only. Its popularity and wide use in various industries is mainly due to its efficiency. One of the most challenging decisions for manufacturers and industrial experts to make is knowing which heating process works best for their application. The factors to be considered include the process integration, process options, and heat treating equipment to use, whether it will be gas fired ovens with conveyor system or batch ovens.     


The Common Renewable Sources for Heating Are the Geothermal, Solar and Biomass.

They can be used for industrial applications as well particularly for processes that need heat of more than 750°F. These resources provide the pre-heating from which the process heating can build on. Typically, temperatures in industrial process heating ranges from 212°F to 750°F. More than half of this requirement can be accommodated by heat levels lower than 750°F. Gas fired ovens are commonly used for these industrial processes. Process heating system is composed of four parts including devices that move heat from the source to the product, devices that generate and supply the heat, devices that recover heat, and devices that contain the heat such as furnaces, kilns and gas fired ovens.   


Apart from these four systems, process heating also requires other support systems that include controls, material handling, and sensors. Together they form part of the four heating methods namely, electric, steam, air and water or oil, and gas fired. Due to its cost benefits and effectiveness, the use of process heating continues to grow. Its most significant environmental issue, is heat loss, has been addressed with the development of innovative and more efficient process heaters such as the use of renewable heating method of gas fired ovens. There are a long list of industrial processes that use it as their primary, secondary, or tertiary step for their industrial operations. At Eastman Manufacturing, we make it a commitment to design and manufacture a wide range of processing and heat treating equipment for all your production needs. From industrial gas fired ovens to plating lines and process tanks, we will customize any equipment to perfectly suit your needs.