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Gas Fired Ovens: Features and Functions

Gas Fired Ovens: Features and Functions

For several years, businesses within the production industry have been utilizing gas fired ovens to maintain their success. These types of ovens offer a number of different benefits which can easily be attributed as a contribution to a business’ success.


When you’re in need of gas fired ovens, we at Eastman Manufacturing are fully capable of manufacturing an oven tailored to your needs and the specifications of your facility!


Characteristics of Gas Fired Ovens

  • Mostly nut-bolted for an easy installation process
  • Uses a modular cassette and can allow expandable construction
  • Can be customized to have independent controlled hot air circulation fan
  • Gas fired ovens can accommodate insulation that would enable minimum heat loss and high volume low-pressure hot air circulation system
  • It can include an automatic control panel with alarm & timer for accurate curing or baking


How Do Gas Fired Ovens Work?

The pilot ignition of a gas fired oven has a continuously burning flame that grows when a thermostat is on. This flame can envelop the thermocouple bulb which leads the flow of gas and ignites the burner.


A gas powered oven can also work with an electric ignition wherein a main-powered electronic circuit sends an electric current to the ignitor and allows the natural gas to flow across the burner as the ignitor does its job. The oven has a thermostat that controls the burner of the oven to keep the temperature regulated.


Benefits of Gas Fired Oven

Gas fired ovens have been found to be more efficient than its electric alternative since gas travels faster than electrical currents. This results in a faster heat production which leads to a quicker period of product development and less consumption of resources!


Using gas fired ovens can help businesses save money since gas has lower average costs as compared to electricity. This provides businesses the opportunity to allocate more budget to different things! At Eastman Manufacturing, we offer a selection of top quality gas fired ovens that are custom built to your specifications!