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Everything You Should Know About Heat Treatment

Everything You Should Know About Heat Treatment
Heating is a common procedure used as part of different industrial applications. Heat treatment is the process that involves heating and then cooling materials in a controlled environment. This is done to improve the properties and the strength of the material.
Construction, automotive, aerospace, and mining are all industries that rely on heat treating equipment for different applications. The properties of the metal or an alloy can be altered with the help of heat treatment. However, having the right knowledge and equipment is of immense importance for achieving the desired result.

Fundamentals Of Heat Treatment

Following Are The Three Basic Steps Involved In The Heat Treatment Process

Heating the material to a specific temperature: Heat treating equipment like industrial ovens is used to heat the material to a particular temperature. The temperature is decided by the operators depending on the nature of the material.
Maintaining the temperature: Once the desired temperature is achieved, the material is kept at the same temperature for a specific time.
Cooling using water, oils, gases, salts, or polymer solutions

Common Heat Treatment Methods

Annealing: Annealing helps reduce the hardness and increases the ductility of a material. Increased ductility makes the material more workable. In this method, with the help of heat treating equipment, the material is kept above the recrystallization temperature for a certain time. After this, the material is subjected to cooling at a slow rate. 
Surface hardening: As the name suggests, in this method only the surface of the material is hardened while the core remains in its original state. Surface hardening improves wear resistance and is used extensively on iron and steel materials. 
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