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Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Ovens

Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Ovens

An industrial oven is any kind of oven equipment that is used to produce very high temperatures used for heat treating parts or final products. It is commonly used to perform several tasks such as curing, drying, testing, and coating metal parts and products. Typically, this oven works uses various power sources, including electricity, gas, steam, hot water, and fuel oil.


The two major factors that greatly impact the success of the work of an industrial oven are airflow patterns and product loading.

In terms of classifications, industrial ovens are categorized into different types depending on their construction, flexibility, and product handling specifications. For instance, curing ovens generate chemical reactions between the metallic surfaces of the parts being heat treated and the powder coating. Conversely, drying ovens are used to remove moisture from raw materials. Industrial ovens are also classified according to the type of power source used to power them.


Here are the categorizations according to power source:


Industrial electric ovens: as the name implies, an electrical industrial oven uses electricity to work. These ovens offer precise temperature and quick heat-up times, making them ideal for handling aluminum and working with combustible items.


Direct gas ovens: these ovens are more costly in terms of price than electric ovens but they need lower operating costs and they heat up faster and maintain high temperatures longer. They use either natural or propane gas as power. They work perfectly for curing coatings on steel parts and automotive items like linings and brake pads.


When it comes to processing time, there are two major types of industrial ovens: batch ovens and conveyor ovens. Batch ovens are perfect for heating big quantities of parts and come in different shapes and sizes. On the other hand, conveyor ovens, also known as continuous ovens, are great for applications that need automatic loading and unloading such as in an assembly line. They are very flexible and offer high production volume.


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