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Everything You Need To Know About Gas-Fired Ovens

December 22, 2021

Industrial ovens have widespread applications owing to their many benefits. Electric and gas-fired are two of the major industrial ovens dominating the market. In this blog, we discuss in detail everything you need to know about gas-fired ovensThere is a vast demand for industrial-grade gas ovens worldwide. Gas ovens can be used for various industrial applications like curing, drying, and baking. 
Benefits of gas-fired ovens

Gas ovens are generally more expensive to buy as compared to electric ovens. However, you are guaranteed to save money while using gas ovens over electric ovens in the long run. Using natural gas for heating is much cheaper than using electricity. Gas ovens run on natural or propane gas. The ability to control the temperature of gas ovens is one of its greatest benefits. 

Heat is released from the top and bottom of gas ovens, ensuring uniform heating across the chamber. 

There are mainly two types of gas ovens which are listed below.

Direct gas oven: In this type, the material inside the baking chamber is exposed to the heat-generating source directly. Direct gas ovens have burners in the same chamber as the heated material. The combustion product comes in contact with the recirculated air. 

Indirect gas oven: The main difference between direct gas ovens and indirect gas ovens is that the heat source is not situated in the same chamber as the heated material. The heat is transferred from the source to the oven chamber using a radiant type heat exchanger. As a result, the combustion product does not come in contact with the recirculated air inside the oven.

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