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Different Types of Industrial Ovens and Their Applications

December 18, 2020

An industrial oven is a heated chamber that is used in a wide range of applications within the heat treatment industry. Industrial oven manufacturers design the heat-treating equipment to be capable of operating at extremely high temperatures to cater to different heat treatment and production processes. The most common applications for industrial ovens include chemical processing, metal parts production, food processing, and electronics.


Here are the various types of industrial ovens and their uses:


Industrial Drying Oven

The use of an industrial heating and drying oven is an important step in many production processes. The primary purpose is to strip products and materials of any moisture.  However, an industrial oven manufacturer can also design it for other purposes such as temperature testing, evaporation, incubating experiments, and the sterilization of equipment and materials.


Industrial Batch Oven


This oven is used when the same heat treatment process is needed to be done for groups of items at the same time. Plenty of heat treatment processes can be done in this oven such as drying, annealing, aging, and curing. You can even ask your industrial oven manufacturers for custom interiors, construction and wall thicknesses for various temperature ranges.


Industrial Continuous Oven

An industrial continuous oven is a perfect solution for mass production of materials. It is also capable of performing a wide range of various heat treatment processes and features separate heating and cooling chambers. The final results of processing with this oven is always consistent.


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