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Different Types of Industrial Oven for Baking, Drying, and Curing

Different Types of Industrial Oven for Baking, Drying, and Curing

When investing in an industrial oven, you have to be aware of how the machine works and the difference between model types. Primarily, the equipment is utilized for a wide array of industrial applications, such as baking, curing, and drying final products or parts. The oven is easily applied for either small and large batches or runs.

Before you select an industrial oven, it is necessary to learn more about the oven varieties.

   Batch Oven. This industrial machine is perfect for curing, drying, annealing, aging, and forming groups of parts. The oven varies in sizes, production demand, and the temperature ranges based on the application. It is made to accommodate different wall thicknesses, interiors, and construction materials.

   Conveyor or Continuous Oven. This type of oven is used for automated processing lines and mass production. Many industrial facilities use this machine to manufacture or develop a lot of materials or products at a time.

   Gas-Fired Oven. The industrial equipment is considered more effective compared to the electrical oven. It saves natural gas and is very profitable for long-term use.

   Refurbished Oven. This is a type of machine that has been re-engineered for a specific purpose. The existing oven undergoes improvements, tweaks, and additions to accommodate different sized parts and to work on a higher level of production.

   Curing Oven. From the name itself, this oven is used for curing. This means converting the hardness or texture of the product in question. This type of oven is also frequently used for setting powder coatings and preparing ceramics.

   Drying Oven. The purpose of this oven is to eliminate the object’s moisture through heat. This type of industrial oven is often used to dry paint, dehydrate items, and cure ceramics among others.

Your choice of industrial oven largely depends on your company’s operations and requirements. Select the most suitable industrial oven for your company by discerning the types of ovens and their corresponding uses.