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Different Applications of an Industrial Convection Oven

Different Applications of an Industrial Convection Oven

Often when someone thinks of convection ovens, the most popular application would be in the food industry. However, an industrial convection oven, also known as a forced air oven, can be used for different applications in industries other than food. Fans are used to circulate the air inside convection ovens which allows for food and other products to bake evenly.


With this feature, applications in industries ranging from industrial manufacturing to research laboratories and medical facilities have found different uses for convection ovens.


The benefit of an industrial convection oven compared to a regular oven is that the fans continue to circulate air allowing for a consistent baking process. This is really important as mass producing merchandise which requires all products to meet the same quality standards. Powder coated aftermarket car parts, for example, will require proper air circulation so each section is backed and cured properly throughout the product.


Convection ovens can often be found in a medical research lab as well. In order to produce consistent research samples, these ovens are used primarily due to the consistent heating and air flow within the oven chambers. This allows each research sample to be produced in a controlled heating environment.


Another use for these ovens is to dry and sanitize tools and equipment. Many industrial convection ovens are used in order to eliminate any bacteria or bio-hazardous waste that may be contaminating tools and equipment.


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