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Designing Your Own Industrial Oven

Designing Your Own Industrial Oven

There are many aspects to consider when designing your own custom industrial oven.  While there are many standard models of ovens available, a custom oven can be designed to suit your exact space, products, and business needs.  Eastman Manufacturing can walk you through the process of choosing your features and designing the right industrial oven for your needs.

The first thing to consider is the use of your custom industrial oven. 

Will the oven be used for baking food products or for manufacturing equipment?  Should the oven be able to bake, dry, cure, sanitize, or some combination of all of these?  The specific type of product or process will determine the type of oven you choose.

Next, you should consider how the machine should work.  Both gas and electric models are available, and each has certain advantages and disadvantages.  Similarly, you can choose between gravity-heated or convection ovens.  You should also consider your temperature requirements, airflow needs, and other details that may affect the design of your oven.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing your own oven design is being able to customize the size, shape, and features of the oven.  Whether you need a small compact model or a large walk-in unit, you can choose the perfect size and configuration.

You can also customize the internal setup of the oven, adding shelves, racks, conveyer belts, or other holders for products.  Consider how much product will be going through the machine at a given time and how it will be processed in and out.

Designing your own custom industrial oven is an excellent choice when a standard model may not fulfill all the requirements of your business.   A custom oven can help your manufacturing process run smoothly and efficiently while increasing the quality of your product and the productivity of your business.