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Design Your Industrial Oven

Design Your Industrial Oven

Industries using industrial ovens in their production line are turning towards custom designed and manufactured ovens. Industrial ovens that are designed to fit the facility, existing production line, and energy consumption rates contribute to the company more than utilizing standard models. It is important to choose the right industrial oven for your needs, taking into account the product, the processes that needs to be performed, and the available space. If you are beginning to design your custom industrial oven for your company, add the below tips to your checklist.


An industrial oven is designed and manufactured differently according to what procedure is required in the production line. Consider whether you are using the oven for one or several of the following processes:

-          Curing

-          Sanitizing

-          Forming

-          Drying

The spacing and the material used to design the industrial oven will differ depending on its purpose. The type of airflow and heating require different mechanics, and is something to be decided on early in the design stages.


The internal and external size of the industrial oven is determined by the objects it will be heating, and the size of the facility. The most common factors to consider when designing an oven is:

-          Number or size of the objects

-          Number of internal shelves and racks

-          Compatibility with conveyor belt

-          Amount of floor space available

-          Distance from power sources

-          Distance from ceiling and hanging wiring or pipework

-          Ventilation

-          Interference with emergency exits

The size should be efficient for speedy quality production. Ensure your measurements include enough space between objects, racks or shelves, and the walls of the ovens. Calculate the space based on the airflow required, or whether the items will expand with heat.


A design of an industrial oven can determine the type of airflow within the oven for optimal performance. Different mechanics can produce either convection or gravity heating within the industrial oven. Energy consumption should be considered in the early stages of an industrial oven design, not only for the company’s energy budget, but also to look for greener options in the industry.