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Deciding Between Continuous and Batch Ovens

Deciding Between Continuous and Batch Ovens

When it comes to businesses that utilize various heat treating processes, an industrial oven is typically required within their operations. Depending on the application, many businesses need to decide if they require continuous or batch ovens.


While both conveyor and batch ovens certainly have a role in a number of manufacturing processes, it’s critical to know which one best suits your specific application.


Batch Ovens

Batch ovens are used for a number of heat treating processes, including annealing, drying, and aging – to name a few. Compared to continuous ovens, batch ovens require more manpower to work due to the need for manually loading and unloading products.


At Eastman Manufacturing, we’re fully capable of manufacturing custom-made batch ovens tailored to your facility. We can even provide gas-fired batch ovens that offer more efficiency over electric ovens, which come with a number of benefits that ensure all of your business’ needs are met.


Continuous Ovens

Compared to batch ovens, continuous ovens are a bit larger to accommodate the conveyor systems hauling the products through the oven. This is why continuous ovens are also known as conveyor ovens. These ovens provide consistent and systematic thermal processing for mass-produced parts.


They are specially designed for heat treating items on conveyors. Unlike batch ovens, conveyor ovens also don’t require much manpower to operate since products don’t need to be repeatedly loaded and unloaded.


Choosing between a conveyor or batch oven is entirely dependent on the application. Each product worked within an industrial oven requires a certain level of heat to be treated properly. The type of heat needed for these products and the size of a production run determines what type of oven to use.


For production runs of small sizes, batch ovens are probably more ideal. However, if production runs are larger, and the heat needed to treat these products require a somewhat slow heat treating process, conveyor ovens will definitely suit that application more. Whatever you choose, we at Eastman Manufacturing can design and manufacture high-quality industrial ovens for your facility.