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Custom Industrial Oven Configuration and Airflow

Custom Industrial Oven Configuration and Airflow

Industrial ovens are large chambers which are primarily used in the heat treatment process in many businesses. While it is usually operated at extremely high temperatures, ovens can be used for both small and large quantity applications. Often companies will purchase a ready-made oven that will work for their situation, but many businesses today prefer a custom industrial oven that is personalized to their specifications. At Eastman Manufacturing Inc, all of our ovens are customized to our client specifications. There are two major oven configurations to consider: continuous and batch ovens. 


The greatest difference between these two configurations is production quantity.


Continuous industrial ovens operate with a conveyor system that consistently moves products in and out of the chamber through the heat-treating process. These ovens are most effective during mass production operations that do not require manual inspections for every product. These large units are automated and consistently deliver quality that meets business standards. At the end of the heat-treating process, these ovens also provide a cooling stage where the products will continue to move through a different part of the long chamber in a cooling environment.


Batch ovens operate in a similar fashion. Instead of product moving continuously through the chamber, products are placed inside the heating chamber one batch at a time. This type of industrial oven is best suited for products that require continuous alterations between heating processes.


Regardless the type of custom industrial oven, every oven requires air to constantly flow through the machine allowing for consistent heating throughout the entire chamber. Airflow may differ between machines due to the customizations made per request. Air supply can be oriented in a vertical/horizontal pattern which is preferred for larger products. Smaller products would prefer a vertical/bottom-up or top-down pattern which would introduce air differently, affecting the results of the product.


Eastman Manufacturing has decades of experience in creating standard and custom industrial ovens of almost all types, enabling us to provide bespoke heat treatment solutions to suit your needs. Call us today to learn more about our products and services!