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Conveyor Ovens: Maximizing Production Time While Minimizing Cost

April 22, 2021

Every business owner wants to reduce production cost and time while increasing efficiency. If your business operation happens to be in the heat treatment industry, then the use of conveyor ovens can help you with this. Conveyor ovens reduce the length of heating time through the use of elevated temperature. They are utilized for many applications such as curing, drying, and tempering, and are very beneficial for industries like printing, aerospace, and automobiles.


In today’s blog, we will explore how conveyor ovens work.

The primary goal of using conveyor ovens during the heating process is to improve or make heat distribution even among the products being dried or cured. This solution can be achieved through the utilization of mineral wool batts mounted on aluminum steel gauges. This helps make the temperature on the metal parts more uniform and continuously cures the products going through the conveyor oven. In case the products being processed need additional processing time, the belt would be much longer.


Moreover, air is pumped into the heating chamber of the conveyor ovens which promotes even heat distribution within its chamber. Consistent results are also due to the easy use of temperature control mechanisms with operating heats ranging up to 600°F. Sometimes, a sophisticated infrared system is incorporated into the oven for better monitoring and a more efficient heating system. Conveyor ovens also allow for different types of conveying systems such as ferris wheels, chain conveyors, spindles, and much more.


On top of all those benefits and capabilities, you even have the option to customize your own oven to make sure that you get what you really need for heat treating. The team of expert engineers of Eastman Manufacturing make the best types of conveyor ovens to fit your requirements. Just get in touch with our professional team and we can help you acquire the best oven you need.