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Considerations Involved in Designing Industrial Conveyor Ovens

Considerations Involved in Designing Industrial Conveyor Ovens

Almost every manufactured product goes through heat treating at some point during the production process. Choosing the proper thermal processing equipment, such as conveyor ovens is not an easy task. Reputable manufacturers face the same dilemma since they have to consider several things very seriously. These include the specific application, production needs, and related concerns of the customers.


Industrial ovens are heated or insulated chambers that operate at temperatures from slightly above ambient to 676°C.


They are usually available in two options, batch or continuous, also known as conveyor ovens, and are commonly powered by electricity, gas, steam, fuel oil, or hot water.


The heated air is being introduced into the work area through forced convection.     


A conveyor oven, also known as a forced air oven, is a type of oven wherein fans are used to distribute air over the components being heated. The process helps achieve even distribution of heat around the item and regulate the temperature. This ensures that the items will be baked uniformly and properly. The key feature of an industrial convection oven is its use of fans in distributing the heat. Such oven can be used for a wide variety of applications such as curing, drying, and baking parts or final products. Using this oven allows you to employ a lower temperature setting without adding extra curing time. This is made possible using the fans which pushes the heat from the heating element of the industrial convection oven to all throughout the oven.       


In designing a conveyor oven, there are several factors to consider, including:


в—Џ        Production efficiency: your production line will be considered first so that the manufacturer can help you design an industrial convection oven that will improve your productivity without compromising quality.

в—Џ        Temperature: this will also be taken into account by the design expert, considering the optimal temperature range for your components and products and integrating this into your custom oven.

в—Џ        Facility size: your factory space will be optimally used to maximize productivity and adhering to proper safety standards. 


Eastman Manufacturing is proud to offer custom industrial ovens, and we will diligently work with you to design, manufacture and install the perfect industrial oven for your enterprise’s processing needs.