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Common Types Of Industrial Ovens

Common Types Of Industrial Ovens

Industrial ovens have wide-scale applications making them an integral aspect of production facilities. Industries like food production, footwear, chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronics rely on ovens to ensure continuous production. Some of the most common applications of such ovens are drying, curing, and baking. In this blog, we look at some of the most common types of ovens used for industrial applications. 


Batch ovens

Batch ovens are greatly beneficial for thermal processing. With the help of such industrial ovens, curing, ageing, baking, and sterilizing can be done with great ease. Batch ovens make use of wheeled trays to ensure faster processing. They can be custom-made by an experienced manufacturer to fit the needs of your production facility. 


Conveyor ovens

Conveyor ovens are perfect for industries dealing with large volumes. Thermal processing can be automated with the help of conveyor heat tunnels, ensuring quicker production. Annealing, bonding, curing, and drying can be done with the use of such ovens.



The heat generated by curing ovens helps accelerate a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction helps a coating bond with the surface. Curing ovens are mainly used for powder coating. Manufacturing units involved with rubber and adhesives also often make use of the curing heat process.  


Reflow oven

As the name suggests, a reflow oven is used for reflow soldering. One of the primary uses of this industrial oven is to surface-mount electronic components to PCBs. A reflow oven is often combined with a conveyor belt to deal with large volumes. One of the significant advantages of reflow ovens is that they offer different zones. The temperature of each of these zones can be individually controlled, offering greater flexibility. 


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