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Common FAQs Related To Gas-Fired Ovens

October 28, 2022

 Industrial ovens serve several purposes and are used across many industries. Among all types of industrial ovens, gas-fired ovens are one of the most popular ones, . Eespecially in the food manufacturing industry. There are many perks like better heating, tastier baking/cooking, faster cooking time, easy installation to set up, etc., that come with gas-fired ovens. In this blog post, Eastman Manufacturing Inc. addresses some of the most common questions related to these types of ovens. Read the blog post to know more.

Common Questions Regarding Gas-Fired Ovens


What kind of gas is ideal for gas-fired ovens?

- These ovens can be fired by two types of gas - natural gas or propane. While natural gas is naturally available, propane is a byproduct of natural gas after the refinery process. Natural gas is widely used as it is cheaper. On the other hand, propane is more efficient.


How to ensure the optimal functioning of gas-fired ovens?

- These ovens usually work round the clock and in greasy conditions (kitchens, pantries, etc.). Hence, they are susceptible to dirt and grease blocking their vents. To ensure operation at optimum levels, make sure you clean the hose, the burners and all removable parts regularly. Also, get your oven checked regularly by a trained technician.


What to do if the flames go out?

- As a first-hand measure, you can check the burners and hose for any clogs or leaks. However, make sure you have turned the gas connection off. If you cannot find the root of the problem then it is recommended to call an expert.


How to set the temperature?

- There is a temperature control knob that can be used to control the temperature. There is also a regulator that controls the flow of gas.


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