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Choosing the Right Heat Treating Equipment for Your Factory

Choosing the Right Heat Treating Equipment for Your Factory

No matter what your industry or what products you manufacturer, it is important to have the best equipment for your factory. The right equipment enables your company to produce high-quality products, increase productivity, and reduce production costs. This is particularly true for processes and manufacturing that must deal with chemical and high temperature processing.

A trusted company like Eastman Manufacturing can provide your factory with high-quality, professional grade heat treating equipment. We pride ourselves on established experience and provide advice on the best products and brands to choose for any application. 


Whether you are looking for industrial ovens, plating lines, pre-treatment equipment, process tanks, or e-coating equipment, it is important to purchase the best machines and heat treating equipment to ensure efficiency, speed and durability.


To determine the right equipment, first think about your production process.  Lay out every process that the item goes through in order to come up with a finished product.  Go through each step and lay out the order of production and how the product will be handled at each stage of development.  Then figure out what types of equipment will be needed for each process and stage.

You also have to consider the volume of products that will be manufactured each day and how many items the machines will need to handle at a time.  Next, determine how the different machines will be configured, considering the available space in your facility.  What sizes or capacity of lines, tanks, or ovens will be best for your production numbers and space? Also, determine your budget and what level of machine can be purchased at the right cost.

Finally, it is a good idea to research different brands and companies that sell industrial equipment.  A high-quality machine will likely provide the best value for your money and last longer.  It will also probably be easier to find replacement parts for a name-brand product and get it repaired if necessary.

There are many factors to consider when choosing industrial equipment.  These considerations will help you make the best choice for your company’s needs.