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Choosing the best conveyor oven for your application

September 26, 2014

Conveyor ovens have been found to be very efficient when it comes to preparing cooked or toasted foods with very little employee intervention. The consistent quality of the conveyor oven provides an essential component for the great achievement of restaurants. However, they are more valuable for smaller restaurants, since the solid ovens save workspace besides allowing smoother workflow among the employees. As a result of their compact design, conveyor ovens maintain equal temperature distribution, hence producing a better food quality. Most of the conveyor ovens temperature range from 150 F and 1200 F.

The conveyor ovens have been fit with a large fan at the back which forces the air-conditioned air to heat up and come in contact with the food. The oven heats the foodstuff efficiently without losing heat. The entire process is as well energy efficient since the fans recycles the heated air. The ovens can also be set up on each other so as to save more space. With this mode of display, the ovens still act separately as the heat of one unit doesn’t influence the temperature of the other ovens. The conveyor feature of the oven can also be easily adjusted whereby longer cooking chambers can be created as well as changing the air circulation in order to cook different items. Conveyor ovens height can also be adjusted to accommodate smaller or larger items.

Anything can be cooked in the oven as long as it fits. The conveyor oven is also easy to maintain and clean because of the availability of the crumb catcher. Heavy grease build-up can be easily avoided through regular cleaning and proper ventilation. These will also prolong the life of the conveyor oven. Although you might find a number of manufacturers offering conveyor ovens in standard feature and sizes, certain applications call for the use of custom designed ovens.