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Benefits of Paint and Paint Finishing Equipment

January 28, 2021


The curing process is one of the final steps of many manufacturing and production lines. Curing is the chemical or physical process of toughening and hardening of substances and adhesive bonds. In order for many products to cure, like paint, paint finishing equipment such as the custom ovens by Eastman Manufacturing Inc is used. This equipment comes in many forms and sizes but all provide outstanding benefits for manufacturing facilities that require a certain about of paint curing for their products.


A coat of paint can provide various advantages to different products.


Increased Rust and Corrosion Resistance

Acrylic elastomeric paint is capable of increasing the lifespan of metal roofing. All steel industrial machinery can benefit from the same added rust and corrosion resistance through paint finishing equipment. It becomes even more beneficial for machinery that needs to operate in high moisture environments.


Aesthetic Upgrade

Today, many manufacturing facilities prioritize a bright and clean working environment. Machines and other industrial equipment are often painted to create a more aesthetically pleasing work environment.


Weather Resistance

Similar to the benefits against rust and corrosion, many machines and other equipment are painted to resist against the natural elements. This is especially true for equipment that are required to be used outdoors in the rain and snow. Often you will find vehicles at a construction site to be painted, not only so they can be easily spotted, but also to prevent any components from breaking down.


Improved Lifespan

With all the benefits mentioned previously, it is no surprise that paint can increase the lifespan of any tools and equipment. This is an overlooked aspect of painted machinery and equipment, as they become easier to maintain due to the misconception that paint is only provided for aesthetic purposes.


Eastman Manufacturing has been providing paint finishing equipment and services for over 30 years. We fabricate specialized industrial and chemical equipment as well. Contact us today to learn more!