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Batch Ovens Versus Continuous Ovens

Batch Ovens Versus Continuous Ovens

Industrial ovens have widespread applications owing to their several benefits. Thanks to technological advancements during the last few decades, tremendous growth has been made in terms of the utility of industrial ovens. Numerous types of industrial-grade ovens are suitable for different applications.

Selecting the right type of oven is imperative for the growth of your business. However, if you end up investing a large sum in buying the wrong kind of oven, it can prove to be a huge setback. The two most common industrial ovens are batch ovens and continuous ovens


In this blog, we discuss the applications of batch ovens and continuous ovens.



Batch ovens


Batch ovens are generally cheaper to buy than their counterparts. You can use these ovens for drying, curing, ageing, annealing, and bonding. Using this oven is recommended for heating things of different sizes. In addition, batch ovens can deal with variations in load volume effectively. 

Batch ovens have insulated doors that are sealed completely once a batch of items is loaded. The loading process is manual and involves the use of carts and racks. In this type of oven, objects can be heated individually or in a batch. However, the operational costs of batch ovens are relatively high.


Continuous ovens


Also known as constant process ovens, continuous ovens are ideal for industrial processes that demand uniform heating for an extended period. A conveyor belt transports the material within the oven chamber in this type of oven.

Unlike batch ovens, this type of oven does not have insulated sealed doors. Instead, they have an entrance and exit from where the objects to be heated are transported on conveyor belts. Continuous ovens also tend to have separate heating and cooling zones.

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