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Batch Oven for Thermal Processing Needs

Batch Oven for Thermal Processing Needs

Batch ovens are used for single batch thermal processing. They are one of the premium products proudly offered by Eastman Manufacturing Inc. This type of oven can be utilized for a variety of different procedures such as curing, drying, sterilizing, and aging suitable for laboratory applications.


Batch ovens can also be used in different heat processing procedures like tempering, preheating, forming and stress relieving.


They can range in size and specifications depending on your needs. They are available for use with natural gas, propane, or electric energy sources. At Eastman Manufacturing, we can assure safety and energy efficiency by carrying reputable and well trusted manufacturers. Options include models which are easy to assemble on or off-site. These give your enterprise more value for investment as well as savings on operating cost.

We place a very high value on the safety and dependability of our equipment. Our experts make sure that our batch oven meet the highest standards with modern controls, safety devices and operating system as well as proper installation. This type of oven has very good homogeneity, excellent control of heating and cooling speeds.

There Are Different Types of Batch Ovens. Here Is a Quick Guide:

    Burn-in oven: This type of batch oven has laser diodes. It is ideal for dynamic and static burn-in of electronic devices.

    Reach-in oven: This is perfect for industrial applications that require a uniform temperature. The use of fan assures that the air inside is uniform and circulating properly.

    Clean process oven: For high-temperature applications, this is the perfect oven to use. It is desirable to use in inert atmospheres for oxidation-sensitive materials

At Eastman Manufacturing we have a various product lines that meet the highest commercial standard to choose from. Give us a call today to speak with an expert or visit us to see for yourself!