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Basic Maintenance for Eastman Conveyor Ovens

Basic Maintenance for Eastman Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor ovens are specialized batch ovens that utilize a conveyor system to benefit production rates and take advantage of automated processes for large tasks. Like any industrial machine, these ovens need to be well-maintained to work at full efficiency. Considering the sheer size of the average industrial oven, it is very important to understand how to maintain the machine, to avoid issues in the long-term.


For Conveyor Ovens, an Issue With a Single Part Can Have Long-Lasting Effects on The Whole.

  • Cleaning Interiors - Many issues with industrial ovens develop over time as a result of a poorly cleaned interior. Ideally, someone will be taking some kind of cleaning detergent to your oven once per day, and will be cleaning up any spills as soon as possible after they occur. Any bits of food that remain inside the oven will eventually be burned up by the heat, which can cause flavour issues with later batches, and will eventually produce smoke within the interior.
  • Cooling Fan - The cooling fan is an important part of air and temperature control inside the oven, and like all fans, it is subject to being slowed or blocked by gradual build-up of grime. It is very important to regularly clean the fan blades and motor to remove dirt build-up and ensure an optimal performance.
  • Individual Parts - The best approach to take to maintaining industrial conveyor ovens is to remove each part for separate maintenance and cleaning. Elements such as the crumb trays or the belt itself can be very difficult to clean alongside the oven interior. Removing these parts makes detecting potential issues much easier, and can help you to identify when a single part needs replacing.
  • Electrical Terminals - Conveyor ovens are powered by electricity, which means that the wiring and outlets that provide power to different elements of the machine should be regularly monitored. You should also take note of the amount of energy the oven is using regularly, as irregular spikes in energy costs can indicate an issue elsewhere with the oven.


By properly and regularly looking over an industrial oven, its longevity and efficiency are assured for a long time. When issues do arise, or if regular maintenance feels like a daunting task, you can always contact Eastman Manufacturing to learn more about your oven, as well as to receive replacement parts, or any other assistance you might need.