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Answering a Few Process Tank FAQ

Answering a Few Process Tank FAQ

 Process tanks are industrial-grade containers used in a range of processing industries for the primary purpose of holding different liquid or gas-based substances. Industrial tanks also play an essential role in the dispensing, blending, and mixing of liquid or gas-based substances industries rely on in everyday operations.


Today we’ll answer a few frequently asked questions to get a better understanding of what industrial tanks are and what they are commonly used for.


Q: Are process tanks the same as storage tanks?


A: Yes – process tanks and storage tanks are both terms that can be used interchangeably.


Q: Are there different types of storage tanks?


A: Yes – different types and configurations of storage tanks are used based on specificity of industry application. Differences in physical configuration include size and dimension, arrangement, and wall orientation. If you’re interested in learning more about what types of industrial storage tanks are commonly used check out our previous blog, 3 Common Industrial Process Tanks.


Q: What industries commonly use storage tanks?


A: As mentioned above, storage tanks serve the short-term and long-term needs of a range of processing industries. Industries include chemical processing, paper and pulp processing, food and beverage processing, plastic processing, energy and power generation, pharmaceutical processing, etc.


Q: What are a few important factors to consider when looking to purchase a storage tank?


A: When selecting a storage tank for your own industrial application, it is essential to keep the following considerations in mind: quantity of fluid for storage, the physical and chemical processes of the fluid, and the physical state of the fluid. These three factors act as indicators for what type of process tank will likely adequately suit your needs.

Q: What other components are needed for an operational storage tank?


Specificity when it comes to the types of components that can be found on/around a storage tank will depend on the type of tank it is and the nature of the fluid stored inside.

More common features found on/around a storage tank include (but are not limited to) a roof access ladder, access manholes, water drain, transfer pumps, firewalls, relief valves, foam injection, vapour vent, and inert gas blanket.