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Annealing Equipment and The Different Types of Annealing Processes

October 11, 2018

Heat treating involves several processes, one of which is annealing. During this process, a metal is heated using annealing equipment to enhance machinability of steel and to produce uniform material properties.


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Heat treatment is a process of using intense heat or cold alter the properties of a metal part. There are many types of heat treatment that can be used at different stages of a product’s life. While it can be used to increase the part’s strength, it is also great at improving formability and machining while restoring ductility.


The process of annealing alters the steel to make it softer, which it is then cooled down slowly to room temperature to relieve the stresses caused by machining. This allows for better fatigue resistance for the metal part.


The heat applied while the metal part is inside the annealing equipment is slightly hotter than the critical temperature of the metal. This is to allow the metal to achieve a particular state which is then cooled down for a specified period of time. This process is called full annealing. While this is ideal for the majority of metals, there are a number of different types of annealing processes:


Spherodise – This method of annealing is ideal for improving the machinability of high carbon and alloy steel, which can enhance their internal structure.

Process – When it comes to process annealing, metal is heated almost to its lower critical temperature using specific annealing equipment. This process allows for the metal to become easier to work with and machine.

Stress Relief – Some types of materials, when manufactured and welding, contain various internal stresses that can negatively affect the whole product in the long run. Stress relief annealing, as it’s named, allows these stresses to be relieved from these materials, increasing its toughness and durability.