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An Overview Of Paint Finishing Equipment From Eastman Manufacturing Inc.

An Overview Of Paint Finishing Equipment From Eastman Manufacturing Inc.

Applying paint or finishing is an important aspect of the manufacturing process. Without going through this step carefully, a business cannot sell its product in the market. There are various industries like automotive, electronics, and manufacturing that rely on paint finishing equipment to add the final touch to their products.

Painting is an important aspect of the manufacturing cycle as it not only adds appeal to a product but is also valuable for its functionality. Finishing adds layers of paints that offer protection to the product against harsh weather conditions and chemicals. There is a wide range of modern equipment that makes painting and finishing accurate and easy. 

Here Is Paint Finishing Equipment by Eastman Manufacturing Inc. 

Powder coating lines

Based on polymer resin systems, powder coating is one of the most common painting methods used across industries. As the name suggests, this type of coating is applied in powder form and is very different from traditional liquid paints. 
Powder coating lines from Eastman Manufacturing Inc lets you apply the perfect finishing to a wide range of products within a short period. Since powder coating is electrostatically applied, you cannot compromise on the quality of the equipment.

Anodizing solutions

Anodizing is used to increase the nature oxide layer's thickness on the surface of metal parts in many industries like fabrication, automotive, appliances, and furniture. It is imperative to invest in good quality anodizing solutions to anodize without damaging the product.
At Eastman Manufacturing, our skilled technicians will understand your applications and build custom anodizing solutions that work best for you.

E-coat equipment

E-coat equipment is a necessity in today's world of automation. Not only does the E-coat system deliver quality, but it also ensures an even coverage to parts of complex shapes. Get your hands on E-coat equipment from Eastman Manufacturing Inc. to make the surface of your product look smooth and shiny.
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