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An Overview of Our Heat Treating Equipment

An Overview of Our Heat Treating Equipment

At Eastman Manufacturing, we take pride in what sets us apart as an equipment fabricator. We manufacture, customize and install heat treating equipment with the experience and technical knowledge to take on any job.


With Eastman, your enterprise can count on high-quality and customized heat treating equipment like industrial ovens, plating lines, pre-treatment equipment, process tanks, or e-coating equipment.


We employ only the best of materials and mechanical techniques to manufacture tanks, ovens, lines and any other installation used in heat treatment. We offer in-depth technical knowledge to allow your business to make an informed and accurate decision.

Heat treating equipment should be completed by intimate knowledge of how it works: Strain and stress are necessary to identify how hard the pull of the material is. The force divided by the area indicates how far the parts move. We strive to fully understand the characteristics of each piece of equipment we assemble to ensure its stability, efficiency and durability.

Heat treatment equipment is common in many assembly, construction and mechanic production facilities, employed to shape, coat, treat and reinforce metal or other materials.  It is most common in the aerospace, automotive, construction, machining, electrical and electronics industries, often demanding high precision, technical knowledge and reliability. As such, demand for quality heat treating equipment also increases. It is an essential part in operations in the industrial and mechanical sector.

Modern industrial demands and scale are best met with electrically-heated furnaces, which largely command that heat-treating industry. Gas fired ovens, however, are ideal for many applications. At Eastman Manufacturing we have a wide range of products that will answer any challenge and suit any production run. Our professional staff offers deep technical knowledge and experience in heat treating equipment.

Contact or visit Eastman Manufacturing today to learn more about our comprehensive line of heat treating equipment or to speak with an expert today.