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An Overview of Industrial Oven Construction

An Overview of Industrial Oven Construction

Industrial ovens serve a variety of purposes and are used widely across many sectors. The pharmaceutical, painting, manufacturing and food industries benefit from industrial ovens on a larger scale. There are many varieties of ovens like batch ovens, conveyor ovens, aging ovens, etc. One must consider their requirements and invest in the right type as each has its own purpose and applications.

Industrial ovens are usually bulky and can be built only by trained and experienced professionals. Constructing an industrial oven is a complex process and is preceded by multiple steps. Here's what goes through the construction process of industrial ovens.

An Overview of Industrial Oven Construction


The first and foremost step is to assess the requirement. The engineers will learn from their clients about the application, volume of products that need to be heat treated, availability of space, etc. Only after having a rough idea of the aforementioned, do engineers proceed on to the next step. 

Choosing the metal for exterior and interior:

Temperature and corrosion are the two key factors considered by the engineers while choosing industrial oven metals. Coated aluminized steel is usually the first preference. It is highly resistant to corrosion that occurs due to moisture and heat. Another popular option is stainless steel interiors. They are mostly used in processes involving acids or corrosive materials.

Oven ductwork:

Ductwork ensures unobstructed airflow and temperature uniformity inside the heating chamber. Engineers make sure there is proper ductwork in place to facilitate smooth operation.

Oven insulation and wall panel:

Proper insulation and wall panels make sure there is no heat leak and the exterior remains cool. It also ensures proper heating inside the chamber. Bad insulation can damage the oven, impact the process and increase power consumption.

Control panel:

Lastly, the control panel, which helps you alter the temperature, is set up. Oven control panels come in a variety of designs as per the requirement.
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