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An Overview Of Gas Fired Ovens

May 05, 2022

Ovens have found an irreplaceable place in several industries. Many industrial applications are dependent on heat treating equipment. While there are many types of industrial ovens designed for certain applications, today, we focus specifically on gas-fired ovens.

Several industries rely upon this type of oven extensively, owing to its many benefits. As the name suggests, this oven is powered with the help of gas, making it extremely effective and quick in heating different materials.

Here Is a Brief Overview of Gas Ovens

Drying, curing, and baking are among the top applications these ovens are mainly used for. Although gas ovens require a slightly larger upfront investment, they are cost-effective in the long run compared to their electric counterparts.

Natural and propane are the two types of gas that these ovens can be powered with. Uniform heating is one of the significant benefits of using gas ovens. Gas ovens ensure uniform heating by evenly releasing heat from the top and bottom of the chamber. The additional benefit of being able to control the temperature easily is what makes gas ovens even more popular.
Direct and indirect are the two main types of gas-fired ovens. The heat source is exposed to the material inside the direct-fired gas ovens. They are mainly used in the restaurant and food processing industries. Pizzas, cookies, and crackers are items baked using direct gas ovens with ease.
In indirect ovens, the heat source isn't situated inside the chamber. A radiant type heat exchanger helps in the effective heating of the material in indirect-fired gas ovens. Thanks to the heat exchanger, the combustion product does not come in contact with the heated air inside the oven. 
The brand that manufactures the industrial oven is an important factor to consider, irrespective of the type of oven you are sourcing. Eastman Manufacturing Inc. is an industry leader that supplies a wide range of gas-fired and industrial convection ovens. Get in touch with us today to learn about our wide range of ovens.