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An Overview Of Annealing Equipment And Process

March 14, 2022

Annealing is an important heat treatment process used for altering the properties of different metals and materials. This heat treatment process is common in the metal fabrication industry. With the help of industrial annealing equipment, metal fabricators deliver top-notch work to their clients.  

Since annealing is a process that helps alter the physical and chemical properties of the material, it is useful for improving the machinability of workpieces. 

By reducing the hardness and improving the ductility of metals, annealing makes the job of metal fabricators relatively easy. 


How Does Annealing Work? 

The annealing process successfully alters the physical and chemical properties of materials by heating them above the recrystallization temperature. Once the temperature has reached above the recrystallization level, the annealing equipment maintains this temperature for a certain amount of time. The annealing process is then completed with the cooling of materials. Water and air are commonly used to cool the materials to complete the annealing process.


3 Stages of Annealing


Recovery: This is the first stage in the annealing process. The recovery process is extremely important for softening the metal. This process removes dislocations and deals with the internal stresses caused by them. 


Recrystallization: This is the stage where strain-free grains grow and replace the deformation caused by the internal stresses.

Grain growth: Grain growth is the third and final stage in annealing that happens if the temperature is allowed to stay past the recrystallization stage for a certain period. During grain growth, the metal loses the majority of its strength making the job of metal fabricators easier.

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